Custom Flavors & Gourmet Taffy
 Every Month!


Starting At Only $16.49/Month

With FREE Shipping On ANY Order

For 99.9% of people, Christmas is once a year. For you, it’s every month!

Join the Taffy Club and we’ll send you a 14oz bag of curated taffy each month. Your shipment includes 5 themed gourmet flavors so mm-mm good, your taste buds will do the moonwalk.

Just picture it! The dazzling excitement of opening each wrapper. The buzzing thrill of discovering delicious new flavors.

Introducing July's
"Anniversary" Mix

Buckle up, taffy lover! This month’s mix will tickle your taste buds in all the right ways.

Get your hand's on this month's one-of-a-kind mix, featuring:







Delight is guaranteed. Sharing is optional.

Your Taffy Of The Month Club Membership Perks

We'll treat you like royalty, without the whole beheading thing

Do you like being pampered? As a member, you get the “King Charles” treatment. Imagine having your cheese and biscuits served at a precise temperature at the end of meals while your staff keeps a warming tray nearby (we’re not making this up!).

Get ready to be spoiled. Your monthly mix of taffy comes with a handful of perks:

Free Shipping On ALL Orders

For this order and any other orders placed on Because royalty doesn’t pay for shipping. End of story.

Never-Released-Before Flavors

Your personal chefs creating custom taffy just for you. It’s only fitting. Each monthly batch includes 14oz of taffy and a minimum of 2 custom flavors no one else has access to.

Happiness Guaranteed

We’ll make sure you have an imperial experience from start to finish. If not, off with our heads! Email us at and we’ll make it right.

The World's Best Saltwater Taffy

Our mouth-watering taffy is whipped for 24 hours straight. The result? It’s softer than a pillow stuffed with Shih Tzus, and creamier than a leprechaun’s lucky charm milkshake! 

The Gift That Keeps On Stretching

Shower people with taffy. They’ll love you for it. Whether you want to spoil your BFF or get your mother-in-law’s seal of approval, a monthly bag of gourmet taffy is just what the doctor prescribed (well, not really, but you can always balance it out with steamed broccoli 🤢).

The Taffy Club membership is the perfect gift. After all, the way to most people’s hearts is through their sweet tooth.

Here's How It Works

You sign up. We ship monthly. You munch on the world’s softest taffy and give yourself a hug because - wowee - who would’ve thought a taffy subscription could fill your life with such pizazz?



Become a Taffy Club member. The rest is easy. Actually joining is easy too, so don’t wait for the mermaid to sing you a song - sign up now and buckle up your taste buds!



Once you’ve joined, we’ll process and ship your first order. Your mix includes at least 2 themed flavors no one else has access to. Can you say Yippee Kay Yay?



We've shipped. You've received. Now it's time to rip open your gourmet bag and dig into your chew-perb salt water taffy.

Taffy Reimagineered

We make the world's softest gourmet salt water taffy. Whipped, not pulled. Flavors galore for the sweet-toothed, the adventurous, the bold, the playful, the curious, the happy-go-lucky, the slightly goofy, and anyone in between.

It’s happiness in your pocket. A warm fuzzy feeling you can access on demand.

A New Kind of Nostalgia In Every Bite

It might look like taffy. It might smell like taffy. It might chew like taffy. But every piece is like a time machine for your senses, ready to jolt you right back into your happiest memories.

Playing hide and seek. Pretending the floor is lava. Or riding in the car on a rainy day, watching raindrops racing down the window, and then picking a winner. And the crowd goooes wiiiiiild!

Your next batch of sweet memories is just a taffy wrapper away.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Not Your Average Taffy

Soft, Squishy & Scrumptious

  • Premium Ingredients
  • Small-Batch, Kettle Cooked
  • Fun & Unique Flavoring
  • Resealable Bag for Freshness
  • Made in the USA

Crafted With YOU In Mind

  • Peanut-Free*
  • Tree Nut-Free*
  • Soy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Boredom-Free

*Includes the finished product and the manufacturing facility

Taffy That Stretches Your Smile

We LOVE our taffy. And so do our customers, who just can’t get enough of this soft, creamy, omg-I-cant-believe-this-is-taffy goodness.

Katie S.

Delicious. Delectable. I grew up in NJ and always had Jersey Shore Salt Water Taffy - these are better.

Ellyn M.

I've tried several different brands (taffy is one of my favorite candies), and this was by far the best.

Jan K.

Absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how good these are. Fantastic service and candy. I will definitely shop here again.