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Limited-Edition Taffy For Savvy Taste Buds.

You’re one in 8-billion. Your taffy should be too. Become a Taffy Club member and we’ll send you never-before-released taffy created just for you, you lucky littleball of sparkling happiness!
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Mix, Match, And Make Your Own

Feeling bold with a dash of goofy? Try the Dill Pickle, the Chicken & Waffles, or the Unicorn Poop. 

You’re a kid in a candy store. Go bonkers! Pick your favorite flavors to share with your family, replenish your secret stash, or turn any occasion into a taffy-filled extravaganza of fandanglery.

Want something more traditional but exciting enough to make you wanna do a little dance with every bite? Try the Cookie Dough, the Birthday Cake Cake, or Granny’s Apple Pie.

Need Help Chewsing? We've Got You!

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for the taffy-curious

Whipped, Not Pulled. Taffy Reimagineered.

Our taffy is softer than a pampered Pomeranian. And it all starts with our process. Instead of pulling it, we whip it in small batches for 24 hours straight and add coconut oil for maximum squishiness.

Then we whip the taffy and add gourmet flavor magic. Flavors that match your happiest memories. Like the cinnamony warmth of home on Christmas Day, when Santa was so close you could almost hear the reindeers’ hooves trotting above you on the roof. Boy oh boy!

A Lip-Smacking Trip Down Memory Lane

Ah, the good ol’ times...

Stealing cookie dough when adults weren’t looking. Starting a cake fight at your birthday party. Roasting smores and listening to scary stories around a campfire while trying to put on a brave face despite hearing a weird noise behind you… EEK!

Your happiest memories are just a taffy wrapper away. Are you ready for your next blast from the past?

We got you covered! Fresh, practical & delicious.

Holiday Season? We Have A Bag For That!

Holiday Season? We Have A Bag For That!

Get excited! The next holiday season is just around the corner. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or anything spring, summer, and fall-related, we’ve got a taffy assortment to drown your taste buds in a pool of festiveness.

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What Our Customer's Are Saying

I used to plan my vacations around places that had good Taffy shops. I don't have to worry about that anymore because I found the best online. And it was you! I have been all over the United States and then I found my favorite online. My kids can now go other places, no matter if they have Taffy stops or not.

Diane C.

I've tried several different brands (taffy is one of my favorite candies), and this was by far the best. The fresh orange had just the right amount of tang while the creamsicle/dreamsicle was smooth and creamy.

Ellyn M.

This is the best salt water taffy in the world! you have to get the Party bag so you can pick 10 flavors! Love it.

Eileen S.

Variety and taste are just excellent. I purchase each year for my grandchildren and the entire family loves them. Keep up the great job of providing such a great assortment!

-Anthony D.

Delicious - delectable - I grew up in NJ and always had Jersey Shore Salt Water Taffy - these are better.

Katie S.

Absolutely fantastic. I cannot believe how good these are. Fantastic service, fantastic candy, I will definitely shop here again.

Jan K.

Absolutely the best taffy I have had. Being able to pick my own flavors was fabulous. The company was great when I had one flavor that was not available, but offered a change to me right away, so I would not have a delay in getting the product.

Stephanie H.

The flavors are always topnotch! The bag is really nice and keeps it nice and dry, also looks great on the shelf.

Azir S.

I have bought several bags and have been very happy with all the different flavors I have chosen. Always delivered timely. I and my family have tried most of the flavors available and all are great. The taffy is soft and the flavor pops in your mouth. It is like having a flavorful party in your mouth. Best taffy I have ever eaten.

Alicia W.

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