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Banana Laffy Taffy vs. Banana Dream Taffy Shop Taffy

Banana Laffy Taffy vs. Banana Dream Taffy Shop Taffy

Oh, to be a kid again!  I remember summer days riding my bike with a group of kids down to a local egg ranch.  In addition to selling eggs, milk and bread, inside that little store were a few shelves full of candy, some of which is hard to find these days.  But one of my favorite flavors I loved as a kid is banana.  I'd always go for banana Popsicles, banana ice cream, banana flavored candy, banana anything!  Truth is, I still do!  So it's no surprise that a favorite treat for me was a piece of banana Laffy Taffy.  Such a yummy, bright and funny little thing! (Especially with the token riddle or joke in the wrapper!  Who doesn't love those?!)

Image result for banana laffy taffy joke image



Image result for banana laffy taffy joke image


Fast forward a few years (ok, ok....quite a few years) and I find myself working for the best salt water taffy company around!  Taffy Shop salt water taffy is the creme de la creme of taffy.  Gourmet at its best!  Each piece is whipped to perfection to bring out a light and airy, soft texture.  So not surprisingly, one of my first flavors I tried from Taffy Shop was Banana Dream.  Oh. My. Goodness.  You had me at Banana!  Just one piece was all it took!  

 I mean, look at that morsel of sweet deliciousness!  If there is a banana heaven, this is it! 


You can take my word for it or you can take the banana taffy challenge and see for yourself!  

Image result for unwrapped banana laffy taffy            VS.      


            YOU BE THE JUDGE!


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