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Here are some answers to questions we get from time to time (just click on the question to see the answer). If you have a question we haven't covered, feel free to get in touch with us.

General Taffy FAQ

Our Taffy

+ What Makes Your Taffy So Good?

+ Do You Have a List of All Your Flavors?

+ How Many Pieces of Taffy Are There Per Pound?

+ What Are Your Top Selling Taffy Flavors?

+ What is Your Personal Favorite Taffy Flavor?

Taffy Timeline













Wholesale Taffy FAQ

Setting Up a Wholesale Account

+ How Can I Qualify For a Wholesale Account?

+ Do You Have a Wholesale Application Form?

+ How Does Your Wholesale Approval Process Work?

Wholesale Restrictions

+ Do You Offer Exclusive Territories or Area Rights?

+ Can I Sell Your Taffy Online?

Wholesale Ordering

+ What Payment/Terms Do You Offer?

+ What is EDI?

+ Online Portal

Wholesale Lead Times

+ How Long Does It Take To Process My Order?

+ How Long Does It Typically Take for Shipping/Transit?

+ Custom Bags or Offerings

Wholesale Freight/Shipping

+ How Much Will I Pay For Shipping?

+ Can I Use My Own Shipper Number?

+ Will I have Visibility Into My Shipping Costs?

+ We Have Multiple Stores, Can You Ship Parts of My Order to Different Locations?

Wholesale Pricing

+ Do Wholesale Customers Receive Volume Discounts?

+ What is the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for Your Taffy?

+ Is There a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for Your Taffy?


+ I Am a Broker, Can I Represent Your Taffy To My Clients?

+ Do You Work With Distributors?

Wholesale Customization

+ Do You Offer Custom Labels and/or Packaging?

+ Do You Offer Any Custom Flavors?

+ Can You Create a Custom Assortment For My Store?

General Wholesale Questions

+ How Should I Display The Taffy To My Customers?

+ Do You Sell Taffy Display Containers or Bins?

+ What is the Shelf Life of Your Taffy?

+ How Should I Store My Taffy?

+ Let’s Say I Order 100 lbs of Taffy, Can I Mix and Match the Flavors?