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Back to What?? School, it can't be that soon. Taffy can help

Back to What?? School, it can't be that soon. Taffy can help

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I know, it's only the end of July, but haven't you noticed the "Back to School" everything everywhere?  Yeah, we have too!  That's either a big 'kick in the pants' let down or an exciting and thrilling hope of new things to come.  lt seems to start so much sooner every year!  The kids in our area are going back on Monday, August 13th!  Where did the summer go?  

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Well, we've got the best thing to bring to your new favorite teacher(s), principal, class mates, professors, office staff, etc.  Who wouldn't love the most delicious, gourmet salt water taffy to bring an extra smile to a new school year?  So instead of an apple for the teacher, give them something new!  A bag of Granny Apple taffy!  Or better yet...give them both! 


Or how about this!  If you are an educator, put out a bowl of Granny Apple taffy with this little quote!




This is our World's Best bag. Perfect for saying thank you to the World's Best _________! (You fill in the blank: teacher, principal, office staff, professor, class mates, etc.)





Or how about this:


"Don't get pooped!  It's only the first day of school!  You can do it!"

Anyway, you get the idea!  Time to teach your teacher what the world's best salt water taffy tastes like! 

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