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Taffy Shop's Top 10 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy 2018.

Taffy Shop's Top 10 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy 2018.

Taffy Shop's Top 10




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It's been a while since our last blog about the most popular flavors that Taffy Shop sells.  You can find that blog here.

We get asked a lot which taffy flavors sell the most.  And while taste buds change and people change (hey, I couldn't stand black licorice anything until I tried Taffy Shop Black Licorice taffy.....mmmm #fan #itwonmeover), surprisingly some flavors stayed on the list and a couple of new ones were added!  So we thought it would be fun to show you the top 10 flavors sold as single flavors, not in custom mixes, just all by themselves. Are you ready to know what they are?  Drum roll, please.........

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#1  Banana Dream   


#2  Very Vanilla


#3  Birthday Cake Cake


#4  Black Licorice


#5  Sweet Peppermint


#6  Cinnamon


#7  Crazy Cotton Candy


#8  Huckleberry


#9  Fresh Strawberry


#10  Wild Watermelon


That's a pretty sweet line-up right there! (Pun intended) ;)

If you haven't tried these yet, you're in for a real treat!  They are the most delicious gourmet salt water taffy flavors picked by YOU, our awesome Taffy Shop Customers!.... but hey, who are we kidding?  Every flavor is a favorite!....and so is every customer! 

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