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Eat Your Greens

True story, I refused to eat anything green growing up.  Not only cruciferous vegetables and leafy green completely out of the question, but so was anything green.  I pick out the green jolly ranchers, I would only eat red grapes, I was once offered a green olive and declined giving the kindly old man my meanest stink eye that I could master.  

Fast forward a few years and I love all things green.  My palette has become quite refined over the years.  I've been spending my free time the last few weeks preparing my garden for the year.  We've built up some extra raised bed planters, added in an arbor, and we're working to perfect our soil.  I suppose you could say that I am slowly getting a green thumb.  I really love fresh fruits and veggies.  

When people hear that I work at a Taffy factory, they inevitably ask me what my favorite flavor of taffy is.  I usually narrow it down to a list of about 5 flavors by category (ie. classic, fruit flavor, tart/sour, weird/unique, etc.). However, when I'm really pushed to narrow it down to one favorite flavor I always come back to Caramel Apple.  If only my younger version could see me now...all grown up, working at a candy company, and very deliberately choosing a green piece of candy wrapped in amazing caramel.  

With that, we have a "green holiday" approaching in St. Patricks Day.  Yes, it's a day of adding green food coloring to eggs, milk, pancakes, and other super creative ideas.  But it is also a day where you can sneak some green treats into lunch boxes, take some green candy to work, or merely drop off a gift and note to neighbor or loved one. 

Here at the taffy shop we sell a ton of green candy around this holiday.  To make it easy for you, here are all of the green colored taffies:

So dig out your best green outfit and enjoy making the memories.  Oh, and eat you greens child. 

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