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How Long Does Salt Water Taffy Stay Fresh?

How Long Does Salt Water Taffy Stay Fresh?

We sometimes get asked about the freshness of our taffy. Let's cut to the chase, is it fresh? The short answer is a resounding yes. Thanks to our loyal customers (sincerely, they are the best), we move through our taffy inventory extremely quickly, which means we are consistently shipping fresh, great-tasting salt water taffy 365 days a year. You might be thinking, that’s great, but I got an order that was a bit harder than last time I ordered, what happened, are you sure you aren't selling me stale taffy? Fair question. The honest answer is no, here’s why…

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Salt water taffy can be a bit fickle and is affected by the weather. It is best consumed at room temperature, which is how we pack and ship it. But during transport, if the outside conditions are a bit too cold (or warm) it can definitely have a temporary hardening or softening effect. Hard taffy is almost a sure sign of cold weather, rather than staleness, unless it has been sitting in grandma's candy jar for the last two years...but I digress. Melted taffy undoubtedly got a little too warm on its journey to you. 

While this isn't a year-round issue, winter and summer deliveries are the most susceptible to weather conditions. Don’t worry though, each has a quick solution for returning taffy back to its natural, delicious state. For melted taffy, try putting in the refrigerator for a few minutes before unwrapping. For cold taffy, place it a warm area of your abode and give it a bit of time to return to room temperature.

For best results though, we do recommend eating our taffy within a few months of delivery, although that has never seemed to be a problem for yours truly.

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