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The 7 Most Fun Taffy Flavors for Gifting

The 7 Most Fun Taffy Flavors for Gifting

The 7 Most Fun Taffy Flavors for Gifting!

Gifting can be a struggle. 

Tip: Whenever a friend or family member says they like something or want something, write it down in a Notes section on your phone! 

Sometimes, you just don't know what to get someone.

That's why we've compiled a list of the most fun taffy flavors for gifting.

How these flavors got on the list? 

They create smiles :) 



1. Santa Snax

Santa Snax Gourmet Taffy

Whatever Santa snax on is definitely worth snaxing on. 

While it is a fun gift to give year round, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer or Holiday snack!

So gift and snax on!

2. Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffles Gourmet Taffy

Did someone ask for bite-sized soul food? 

This one is for the chicken and waffle lovers in your life.

It is a great flavor to give and then ask what your friend thinks it is! 

3. Unicorn Poop

Unicorn Poop Gourmet Taffy

Here at the Taffy Shop, we source the finest Unicorn Poop direct from the Unicorn Poop Forest.

Our unicorns are not farmed and we hand-pick our poop straight from the forest floor.

Have your friends tried Unicorn Poop Gourmet Taffy yet?

4. Pigeon Poop

Pigeon Poop Gourmet Taffy

Our Pigeon Poop Gourmet Taffy is non-GMO and 100% natural.

It is absolutely the best pigeon poop on the market, our promise.

Do you have a friend you have a love/hate relationship with?

This gift is for them.


5. City or State Bags

City Bags Gourmet Taffy

Our taffy can come in themed bags based on what city or state you live in!

We have Las Vegas, New York CitySeattleNew OrleansNew Orleans VoodooBostonLos AngelesFloridaTexasUtah National Parks, and California

Find the city or state your friend lives in and watch their eyes light up fondly!

6. Dill Pickle

Dill Pickle Gourmet Taffy

Do you have a friend who is a pickle lover? 

Or just loves to try new things? 

This is THE gift for your friends on the silly side with an adventurous spirit!

7. Maple Bacon

Maple Bacon Gourmet Taffy

Rich and delicious to the laste bite, Maple Bacon is quite possibly this author's favorite gourmet taffy flavor. 

Is there a better gift to give the bacon-lovers in your life?

I think not.

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