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Valentine's Day? or S.A.D? its not really sad, read more!

Valentine's Day? or S.A.D? its not really sad, read more!

February 14th...... Either love is in the air or it's an advertised day to remind you that you're single.  Love it or hate it, here it comes again! 

Thank you to Joseph Vincent for his very artistic take on this special day celebrated around the world! Enjoy his sweet tribute to those celebrating with their sweetheart or to those celebrating Single Awareness Day....Here's to you!

Whichever day you are celebrating, Taffy Shop asks you this question: 

Image result for Will You be Our Valentine image


Our team got together to come up with the top 6 flavors that should be a part of our  Valentine's Day Mix.  After taste testing and satisfying our sweet tooth before lunch, we introduce you to the 6 flavors that made the cut: Drum-roll please......

Whipped Chocolate - of course! What is Valentines Day without chocolate?

Cinnamon - a tribute to those red hot candies.

Strawberry Cheesy Cake - because cheesecake is so "cheesy"!

Red Velvet Batter - that red cake with white's the bomb diggity!

Fresh Strawberry - so that you can roll this flavor with chocolate to make a                                           chocolate covered strawberry! YUM!

Red Licorice - because it's red..... and oh so de-lish! 

At the Taffy Shop, we love our customers and we love to treat them too! With over 70 flavors to choose from, we'd love you to try every one of them! That's why in every order, we add a free sample of a few other flavors of our delicious salt water taffy to try. So in the spirit of giving and sharing the love, we issue you a challenge to treat a loved one this Valentine's Day to our Valentine's Day Mix and we'll share the love with our free samples too! 

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