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What Customer's Are Saying About Taffy Shop! Thank you!

What Customer's Are Saying About Taffy Shop! Thank you!

Your order of our delicious salt water taffy arrives at your doorstep and it has you like:

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Yeah, we know the feeling! We get just as giddy when your package leaves our warehouse on its way to you!


At Taffy Shop, we love our customers!  


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And we love it when you send us awesome reviews and comments.  We've combed through some of our favorites and thought it would be fun to share them with you!

So without further adieu......


 "The Samples you sent with my Amazon order for Sweet Peppermint made me do this." (referring to placing another order)  - Anonymous

Sweet Peppermint Taffy

"Brought my sister from Indiana to your shop and we fell in love with the taffy. We’ll get fat ordering and eating but is superior for sure. Send her some every other month!"  - Kathy H.



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"We were just on vacation in OBX and our 8 yr old daughter discovered saltwater taffy. We got got a bag and I rediscovered it as well. After getting home we were wishing for more and I came upon the Taffy Shop. I love that she got to pick her flavor assortment. We got the 2lb bag. It arrived today and it was so fresh, soft and delicious. It was also a great surprise that they included an additional little bag with a few other flavors for us to try that were not in our assortment. Smart marketing!! Definitely would order again!"  - Christine


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"I was looking on amazon for some taffy. I couldn't find anything for a good price with the ones I prefer. I googled where I can pick my own flavor a and came across here. I am so happy with the service and the quality and selection of the taffy that I brought the 2lb back to work and it was gone! I order a second batch and I just can't get enough of it. I love that they give you an extra little grab bag with random flavors too because it lets me try things I normally would not or don't know about. Again fantastic company, great product and excellent service!"  - James



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"I have ordered many times from their taffy is ALWAYS fresh and the flavors are amazing!! If you have not tried [movie] popcorn, you have to try it!!! You'll think you are sitting at the movie theater. So So Good!!! I just placed another are now my new addiction!"  - Karen C. 


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"I can't stop eating these! All the flavors from my order taste just like the real thing, and this peanut butter & jelly is no different. A unique and tasty taffy! Great flavor, and not too sweet. If you even remotely enjoy peanuts or peanut butter, you've got to try this! I love the pb&j, and really everything from my order. They've got the perfect balance between a soft and firm chew, which only a fresh taffy can provide. Equally great for savorers (strong flavor from beginning to end) and chewers (incredible texture, doesn't get cemented to your teeth)! It's taking every shred of my willpower to not cancel my plans for the next few days and just chomp through every last Taffy Shop taffy."  - Jessica


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"I bought a 1lb gift tin of the valentines day assortment and had it sent to her and she said it was fantastic and "I want to get more sometime!" Also I had asked for a note to be written and you guys did it! Thanks a lot. I'll definitely buy more taffy from here because I want some too!"  - Aiden



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I've had my share of taffy over my 50+ years but this taffy is FAR AND AWAY the absolute BEST I've ever tasted. It's soft and creamy, chewy and full of flavor. It makes my mouth water just thinking of it and I can't anticipate when it will arrive because I want it far sooner than the 3 days it takes to get to me! Everyone is wonderfully nice and professional and the whole operation is as smooth as the candy itself. There is NO OTHER place I will ever buy Taffy from other than here. Thanks, gang! You guys all rock!! -Debbye



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Awwwww, Shucks!  You guys are simply amazing!  

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