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A hands-on, taffy creating adventure perfect for families, friends, teams, clubs, parties, and more!

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Taffyology is more than meets the mouth. It's an opportunity to play, laugh, enjoy, and feast on your customized creation with other spectacular humans, while enjoying the best saltwater taffy in the world!  

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Taffyology Experience

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*One Taffy Making Kit Provided Per Paid Guest

Getting Started

Ready To Embark On Your Taffyology Journey? Here Are a Few Simple Steps To Get You Going!

STEP 1: Book


Reserve Your Spot By Selecting A Time And Number In Your Party

STEP 2: Prepare

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Wear Comfortable Clothes And Expect To Get A Little Messy

STEP 3: Arrive

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It's Taffyology Time! Get Your Group To The Taffy Shop!

The Main Event: It's Taffyology Time!

Here's a quick taste of the fun you'll have during your Taffyology Experience....



Start With A Generous Portion of Our Taffy Shop Taffy and Took Kit.



Personalize By Choosing From A Wide Variety Of Flavor Mix-Ins.

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Leave With Your Creation In Your One-Of-A-Kind Taffyology Bag!

Taffyology Is Your Own Taste Of Happiness

If you are new to Taffyology, allow us to tell you a bit more about it!

Taffyology is perfect for you, you and a few friends, or any group looking for a uniquely tasty experience. We can handle up to 24 guests at a time and tailor the experience to make sure it's something you'll never forget..

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If You Have Questions...

New To The Taffy Shop?

If you aren't yet acquainted, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We make the world's softest gourmet saltwater taffy. Whipped, not pulled. Flavors galore for the sweet-toothed, the adventurous, the bold, the playful, the curious, the happy-go-lucky, the slightly goofy, and everyone in between.

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